Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Impression Carpet Cleaning and Repair, Denver, Colorado

Clear off any area in which you desire to be cleaned, our technician may assist in furniture moving at an additional fee. If you have pets that are afraid of loud noises, securing them in a crate or separate room might make things a bit easier.

After we’ve inspected the space you want us to clean, and pretreated any stains. We’ll then use a hot water and cleaning fluid mixture to penetrate deep into carpet fibers and padding. Our extraction equipment then removes the mixture, including all bacteria, dirt and allergens.

Pricing is based on area increments of 300 square feet. If your room is over 300 and under 600 that’s two areas. Over 600 but under 900 is three, and so on. Smaller extra spaces like halls and closets are priced separately at a reduced cost. During the walk-thru, our technician will explain pricing to you.

Each area (defined above) takes 15-20 minutes on average, more depending how much furniture needs to be moved and if it needs extensive stain treatment. There’s no need to leave since we use non-toxic cleaning solutions, but if you want to step out, arrangements can be made to lock up when we’re done.

Our solution extraction equipment removes a large majority of the water/cleaner mixture, and we will run fans while we work. Once we leave, drying time depends on air flow to the room. If possible, open the windows. Turn on fans, run your air conditioner or heater – all of this will speed things along. As your carpets dry, you will be able to walk on them without issue. You’ll want to avoid wearing shoes that have been outside, and take it slow when transitioning to a hard surface so that you don’t slip.

We don’t consider a job done until you’re satisfied. If you notice that spots or stains come back within 10 days of service, we will come back out to treat and re-clean those areas. Please contact us for info.