Ozone Odor Removal

Ozone Odor Removal Services in DenverOzone Odor Removal Services in Denver

Impression Carpet Cleaning and Repair, Denver, Colorado

Let Impression Carpet Clean and Repair help purify the air you breathe in your home or units from dust, mold and fungus; and leave a hospitable smell that will welcome any guest or tenant! With our state-of-the-art equipment, our team can eliminate any airborne odor that is haunting your property.

How Does Ozone Odor Removal Work?

The air we breathe is made of countless molecules, each made of two oxygen atoms. An Ozone molecule is made up of three oxygen atoms and is considered “activated”. That means an ozone molecule chemically reacts to other molecules that it comes in contact with – such as the bacteria and spores that cause lingering cat box stench.

Essentially, the extra oxygen atom attaches and attacks that odor molecule, causing its outer cell layer to break down. Once destroyed, the molecule falls apart and the odor is eliminated. Problem solved.

In a home permeated with smoke, garbage or pet smells, Impression will bring in our industrial-strength ozone generators to create the right volume of ozone molecules needed to rid you of any odor.

Common Odors Treated by Ozone Odor Removal Services

Whether you manage a multi-family property, buying or moving into a home, or lease a commercial space with any of these unbearable odor issues, Impression Carpet Cleaning and Repair in Denver is your source for ozone odor removal services that treat:

  1. Cigarette Smoke
  2. “Wet Dog” & Pet
  3. Animal Urine & Feces
  4. Paint Fumes & VOCs
  5. New Carpet Fumes
  6. Rotting Garbage
  7. Fire & Smoke
  8. Skunk Odor
  9. Mold and Mildew
  10. Body Odor

If you have smells that won’t go away no matter how hard you scrub, Impression can help you breathe a whole lot easier. Get in touch with our staff for more information!